About us

Since 1974, FG Srl, located in Sicily, has been the reference point within the recovery and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Thanks to the competence acquired also in the field of industrial, ship and rail breaking, FG Srl specializes in the treatment of out-of-order electrical and electronic equipment, with the collection of appliances at end of life.
The high quality of services, quality certifications and high intervention standards make FG Srl the Sicilian entrepreneurship flagship.
FG Srl, which owes its name and history to the entrepreneur Giovanni Failla, and today to Failla brothers, is based in Belpasso (CT), covering an area of over 30000 square metres, of which over 6000 square metres are covered. It employs more than 50 workers who ensure high quality and quantity levels in the production and implementation of services. 
FG recycling system
Our company specialises in the treatment and disposal of special waste.
In particular, we select and recover end-of-life household appliances including:
• fridges
• freezers
• air conditioners
• washing machines and similar
• TV monitors
• computers
• printers
• photocopiers
• obsolete electric/electronic devices
The systems, equipment and high technology vehicles we use allow us to collect and transport, treat and recycle large quantities of household appliances.

Legislative Decree 22/97 introduced the strict regulation of the waste sector with particular regard for the treatment and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment no longer in use and containing substances damaging to the ozone layer as per law n. 549 of 1993 (CFC - HCFC).
The disposal and recovery of technological waste is of fundamental importance if we wish to protect the environment and improve the quality of life.
In order to confront the pressing reality of overfilled waste grounds which pollute the air, land and waterways over time, FG SRL has created a network of services aimed at hygiene companies, municipalities and private operators, for the treatment and recycling of disposed durable goods, in compliance with current environmental protection laws.
Services provided through the uses of systems including the ecological treatment of potentially hazardous materials and for the maximum reuse of recyclable primary materials, a range of suitably equipped vehicles for collection and transport services, with roll-off systems.
FG SRL operates throughout the entire national territory. With offices in Belpasso (CT) the company has obtained ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001 quality certification.

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