Collection and transport of hazardous waste

Collection and transport of hazardous waste
Collection and disposal of WEEE
Scrapping of personal computers
Reclamation and safety
Grinding in a controlled environment
Reclamation of contaminated sites

Hazardous Waste handling

raccolta rifiuti industriali
FG from Belpasso (Catania) deals with the total handling of hazardous waste throughout the Catania area. It has a fleet of cars able to meet the needs of private individuals and businesses in a quick and effective way. Trucks and vans can articulate logistics operations depending on the quantities requested. All vehicles are provided with the necessary equipment to handle hazardous waste and are approved according to the provisions of current legislation ADR.
What is hazardous waste
Special waste is a “particular” category needing specific precautions in the collection, transportation and disposal in order to protect people and the environment. Hazardous waste is the waste coming from agricultural, industrial and healthcare activities, environmental services, water treatment and demolition of buildings with asbestos.
Handling and collection of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
The company offers its customers various types of loading units meeting the types and amounts of hazardous and non-hazardous waste to collect and periodically proceed with the total volume practice by withdrawing the full loading unit to replace it with an empty one. The greater loading units, used for loads having a greater amount, covered or uncovered bodies, have capacity characteristics equal to 30 mc and are rented upon prior request to both public and private customers. Subsequent to receipt of the request for intervention, the monitoring of the amounts will be carried out in order to proceed with the organization of the service by providing the most suitable vehicle. 
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