Waste disposal for individuals and businesses

The most widespread waste disposal system in Italy and Europe is represented by the confinement in controlled dumps. Only a small part of the waste is sent to composting and recycling plants, while the rest is burned in incinerators.
Recycling waste
Often, the choice of technology for waste disposal is based on the high costs of processing and recycling facilities. Statistics reveal that only 8% of waste is recycled in Italy.
In Belpasso, province of Catania, a family-run company has been caring about the issue of disposal and processing of special waste for years. Over the years, FG Recycling System has been equipped with complete processing plants for the treatment of potentially polluting material and for maximum reuse of recyclable raw materials.
Disposal of special waste
In the field of waste disposal, the company offers a wide range of services for individuals and businesses, which also cover hazardous and special waste. For example, the several services include:
• disposal of obsolete electronic equipment
• Disposal of products for the office
• recycling of civil and industrial waste
• scrapping of personal computers
• collection of bulky waste
• disposal of furniture and appliances
FG Recycling System from Belpasso, province of Catania, ensures professional and quick services at competitive prices. 


smaltimento rifiuti per privati
For private customers, we deal with the collection and disposal of:
• used appliances
expired drugs
• used PCs, printers and monitors
• batteries
• used oil
We provide customers different types of vehicles including trucks and vans in order to articulate the logistics operations depending on the amounts requested. 
We carry out a rental service of covered or uncovered bodies. 


recupero e smaltimento rifiuti industriali
We are at the service of institutions and public bodies for the collection, recycling and disposal of waste. 
We help companies to dispose the main types of waste produced in the workplace, such as obsolete electronic equipment and similar (computers, fax, printers, copiers), paper, cardboard and plastic packaging, bulky waste and so on. 
Moreover, we are specialist in environmental reclamation and asbestos removal.
Collection And Transport
R1 R2 R3 R4 treatments
Personal Computer Scrapping
Reclamation and implementation of safety measures
Grinding in Controlled Environment and Separation of Output
Reclamation of Contaminated Sites
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