Bulky waste handling

FG S.r.l. has innovative and technological equipment for the collection, handling and disposal of bulky waste. The service provided ensures full compliance with all regulations on environmental safety.
What is bulky waste
First of all, we specify that bulky waste having the code CER 20 03 07, is represented by all bulky objects of domestic origin that, by nature and size, cannot be disposed inside the typical road bins, such as furniture and furniture accessories, mattresses, nets, etc.
Handling line of bulky waste
The production line used for the handling of bulky waste is divided into the following phases:
  1. Manual disassembly
  2. Volume reduction (breaking).
From the above-mentioned handling process, FG derives the following outputs, according to the type of bulky waste.
  • 40 % iron to be recycled
  • 60 % foam rubber – overflow waste for disposal
  • 30 % wood to be recycled
  • 30 % iron to be recycled
  • 40 % foam rubber – overflow waste for disposal
Cabinets, shelves, furniture in general
  • wood to be recycled
  • iron to be recycled
Every year, we handle, manage and collect a considerable flow of bulky waste, collaborating with major collection and transport companies, municipal bodies as well as institutional bodies and consortia up to citizens. Technology investments in recent years and established professionalism have allowed us to remain a point of reference throughout Italy and Sicily and to ensure our customers a quality service and efficiency that have always distinguished us.
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